GET STUFFED - Set menu

Appetizers–choice of

Breaded risotto balls stuffed with salami and friulano cheese served with pesto marinara sauce 

Market Fresh Field Greens
With brie, fresh market fruit, candied pecans, dried cranberries and champagne vinaigrette

Brie Bundles
Brie, blueberry and toasted almonds wrapped in phyllo pastry and served with raspberry port emulsion

Main Courses– choice of
Hazelnut Chicken
Lightly breaded chicken breast topped with hazelnut cream sauce served with mashed potato and grilled veg

Newfoundland Cod
Pan-seared filet of cod over savory dressing, topped with scrunchions and lemon drawn butter served with mashed potato and roasted corn and mushroom sauté

Stuffed Pork
Tenderloin stuffed with caramelized onion, herb breadcrumbs, dried dates topped with a reduction of port and pan drippings served with mashed potato and green beans

Choice of two – to be determined


*Coffee and tea included

Ladies Night - November 3, 2018

Come Spend the Night Downtown


We are looking for 8-10 ladies....


- We will welcome you at 11am

- Free time until 3pm​; we suggest St. John's farmer's market, shopping downtown, or even just hanging out in the living room by the fire. Bring your own refreshments.

- Coffee and Home made Cake at 3pm

- Tarot reading at 4pm (15 mins each)

- 3 course set meal at Get Stuffed at 7pm (see below)

- Check out at 11am - November 4, 2018

- ONLY $140 per person.

- Call/email us for more details!!


709-726-1845   -


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